Yasser Morejón Pino, born in La Habana, Cuba on the 6th of June 1976, graduated from Conservatory A.G. Caturla in 1990, and from the Conservatory Amadeo Roldan 1995, as guitarist.

Shortly before graduating, he began to play both electric bass and double bass, receiving classes on the double bass from Carlos del Puerto Jr.

As a bass player, he started playing with diferent groups like Aries Gerardo Alfonso, Denis y su Swing, (CD), Natura, Roberto Fonseca y Temperamento, Chucho Valdes Jr., Polito Ibañez (CD), Rojitas y su Orquesta, among others.

En 2000 he moved to Copenhagen, where he at present works with groups like The End 2.0 (CD), Simon Spang-Hansen Quartet (CD), his own latin-jazz project Blanco y Negro (CD), and Cuban music with Danson (CD).

In Denmark, he completed his studies in 2006, graduating from The Rythmical Conservatory as double-bass player and music teacher.