José Antonio ”Tony” Moreaux Charon was born in Guantanamo, Cuba, in 1977.

Tony follows the footsteps of his father, a changui singer (Changui represents the roots and the identity of the people of Guantanamo), and begins his studies at the Regino E. Boti elementary school in Guantanamo, with further studies at the Esteban Salas music school in Santiago de Cuba.

In 1998 he goes to Havana and begins his musical carreer as a professional drummer player in a group called ”Carlos Manuel y Su Clan”.

In 2000 he moves to Denmark, and shortly after attends the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, where he is aiming to achieve professional qualifications as a music performer and music educator with special focus on ensemble instruction and instrumental tuition – BA Movement and Music Education.

He has played with various renowned musicians such as:

Raul Rekow (ex Santana percussion), Alex Wilson (London), Sverre (Norway), Calixto Oviedo (ex NG la Banda), Pepe Espinoza (timbal, Cuba), Yadam Gonzalez (cuban bass player), El Indio (trumpet), Luis Alvaro Varona (trumpet), Alexander Abreu (trumpet), Orlando Valle ”Maraca”, Giraldo Piloto Barretto (Cuba)