Charli Lázaro Ibañez, was born in December 1969 in Guanajay, province of Habana, Cuba. Already as a child he began studying music at the School of Music in Pinar del Rio, and continued his basic studies at the Conservatory of Alejandro Garcia Caturla in Habana. After graduation he continued at the Ignacio Cervante conservatory, and it was then he began his career as professional flutenist, at first for a shorter period with Orquesta Sensasion, and later for several years with Melodias del 40. He continued his career in Sexteto Habanita, with whom he toured around the world for several years. He now lives in Denmark, where he has played with several groups such as Trio Cubanito, Son de Cuba, Son con Swing, Salsa Na' Ma, and Coco Son.